Computers and E-mails

by : Jesse Miller

I don't need to tell you that since the invention of the internet, no one has written any letters unless they really had too. Why do so, when it is so easy to just type an e-mail and sent it electronically. First of all, it will get to the destination point a lot faster than any conventional way and second, you will also have your reply a lot faster than expected.

E-mails are frequently used to get the fastest response rate. If you have an important document you want to send to someone, you also have the possibility to attach the file and send it to the designated address. Virtual transfers of information have become a part of our everyday lives and we could consider ourselves lost without the internet. Communication has never been easier and more fun to do. People all over the world keep in touch and work together on various projects, even if they are on different continents.

Computers have become more and more used to facilitate the transfers of information and there is no way we can do it otherwise. We have become dependent on the virtual traffic and we cannot conceive another way of taking care of business.

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Even kids are well versed in using e-mails. They engage in online conferences and do homework if necessary. There is no limit when it comes to taking advantage of the functions that e-mail and internet has to offer. People make a living off the internet, thus another point that proves that we are dependent on this informational highway.