Hard Disks for Computers

by : Jesse Miller

Another form of storage is a hard disk. A hard disk, also called a hard disk drive, is a storage device that contains one or more flexible, circular patterns that magnetically store data, instructions, and information.

As with floppy disk, the data on hard disks is recorded on a series of tracks located on one or more patterns. The tracks are a divided into sectors when the disk is formatted. The hard disk platters spin at a high rate of speed, typically 5400 to 7200 revolutions per minute. When reading data from the disk, the read head since the magnetic spots that are recorded on the disk along the various tracks and transfers that data to memory.

When writing, the data is transferred from memory and is stored as magnetic spots on the tracks on the recording surface of one or more of the disk platters. When reading or writing, the read/write heads on a hard disk drive. Do not actually charge the surface of the disk.

The number of letters permanently mounted on the spindle of a hard disk varies. On most drives, each surface of the platter can be used to store data. Thus, if a hard disk drive uses one platter, two services are available for data. If the drive uses two platters, four sets of read/write heads read and record data from the floor surfaces. Storage capacities of internally mounted fixed this for personal computers range from 10 GB to more than 200 GB.

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Assistant unit on most desktop and notebook computers contains at least one hard disk. Although the hard disks are available in removable cartridge form, most hard disk cannot be removed from the computer.