Generations of Computers

by : Jesse Miller

Word processing in the computers is the process of Creating, Editing, Retrieving, Storing, and Printing text material. Basically it does what a type writer does. The basic difference is that the information is stored in the form of electronic pulses.

It is used to produce documents for business or personal use such as newsletter, reports, letters and essays. It is an intelligent and advanced typewriter which is designed to cater our needs. You can type a whole page, make corrections (editing), use more than one type font to give beauty to the text, check up paragraphs in different styles, shapes and columns. Spell check, Thesaurus which finds and inserts synonyms for a word, and processing it more than one way before we actually put that page to print. These day`s online help is available for answers to our general questions. Advanced features are available on these processors which directly link us to websites, and blogs. Templates, online content, website creation and many other features are linked with it.

Typing text becomes speedy as there is no mechanical carriage associated, corrections can be made easily and when required, saved documents can be stored and retrieved as and when required, typed text can be made to appear in any form of style, and graphics can be inserted which enhance the appearance and usefulness. Most of them provide facility to link objects in a document. Object Linking and Embedding is a program integration technology that we can use to share information between programs through objects. Objects are saved entities of different types like charts, equations, video clips, audio clips, pictures etc. Spell check can suggest possible alternatives for incorrectly spelt words, grammatical mistakes and suggests improvements.

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Tables help us to organize and display information. It allows us to insert tasks or to draw a task on the screen as we would draw a task with a pen and paper. The mail merge facility enables you to produce personalized letters with more or less similar text and mailing labels for each person on the mailing list. Using mail merge we can send invitation letter to all invitees with different names and addresses. You can change what you have written as many times as you like, without having to retype any part.
Gone are the days when people used to wait for long hours for a document. These days you can edit your website/blog instantaneously.