Computers and Monitors

by : Jesse Miller

Everyone has a computer these days and it is hard to imagine how life would be without them being there every time we are in need. Most people think that a computer is all about the monitor an nothing else. This could be considered true because the monitor is the only output device that helps us communicate with the computer.

Monitors have evolved a lot since their early beginning and have become increasingly more advanced along with each technology breakthrough. While the early models wore robust and offered limited capabilities when it came to displaying the image, the new versions have technology's that can provide you with the best quality image. From the old analog monitors, we have jumped ahead to liquid crystal display and plasma's. The next generation monitors have already started to be presented in showrooms and all I can say is that they will definitely be something from the future. If I have made you curious, here is how the future of image display will be like.

Future computers will have instead of a monitor, a holographic image that could display in real time and 3D, the image that you are looking at. They will be able to project the image on any surface and even in plane space, without a background support. This future technology could not be considered as a monitor because, unlike traditional display devices, they will be totally independent from any physical boundaries and totally ethereal.

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If you could be patient for a little while, you will be able to buy such a device and then use it for your own personal needs. The future of man and machine interface will have a new meaning and those of us lucky enough to be around, might be more than happy to witness the times.