Computer Generated Models

by : Jesse Miller

I'm not sure if you heard about this until now, but every major discovery that has been made in the last several years has been done with the help of computer generated scenarios.

Computers have become more and more useful because they have the ability to run simulations on different areas of the scientific world. Those who run some different researches need a computer that can render them the outcome for some specific data. All they have to do is input the information they have along with some laws of physics and the results will be processed and interpreted by the computer. The results will be shown either in numbers or in a computer generated image.

I have always been amazed by a computer's ability to interpret events based on previous facts and then run simulations on how they could turn out. Computer generated models have been used in the understanding of the universe. We have used information that we already knew about the universe along with some basic physics and the results wore more than surprising. Some of the newest breakthroughs have been formulated based upon the results of computer simulations.

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I can say without a doubt that the computer is the best invention ever made by man. It is like we have given life to something and now we make use of it. There is no telling where the future of computers will lie, but the fact remains that computers will be more and more advanced as time passes. If we could make a model on how the evolution of computers will be like, I'm sure that we would be more that amazed of the outcome.