The Essential Characters in Litigation

by : Manuel Salvacion

Most injured victims of accidents often lose their cases not because they have weak arguments but because they failed to build a strong case against their opponents. When this happens, the poor complainant ends up being victimized twice and his suffering is doubled.

What are the chances that personal injury victims do not end up in double jeopardy and increase their chances at being compensated for injuries and damages?

If an accident occurred in Los Angeles and you happen to be involved in it, there are people whom your personal injury attorney would like you to see or talk to.

Below are other roles some people play in the success of your claim.

1. The personal injury attorney. At the event of an accident, immediately call a lawyer and report the incident. The lawyer’s assistance will undoubtedly help you in gathering up information for your case. His experience and knowledge will provide you with all the necessary guidance for future action. Personal injury attorneys often arrive at the scene, when notified, to evaluate and determine the other probable cause of the accident;

2. The Doctor or Attending Physician. Injured accident victims should immediately be taken to a hospital for treatment. The medical report of the attending physician is important in supporting your claim and other additional compensation like medical expenses, hospitalization, etc.

3. The Police. The police are often the first to arrive during accidents. They conduct investigation at the scene of the accident and gather important pieces of evidence to determine the cause of the accident and the possible perpetrators. All information regarding an accident is contained in the police investigation report including such documents as photos, sketch of scene, and testimonies of people.

4. The Eyewitness. It is also important to take the account of eyewitnesses. Their personal narratives often show a different view of the accident, give a more objective look at events.

5. The Insurance Man. People who work for insurance companies often haggle with accident victims for a lower settlement claim. Victims should negotiate with insurance men only in the company of his personal injury attorney.

There are personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles who can help accident victims achieve successful litigation of their claim. They are lawyers who have the experience and the knowledge in pursuing your case.

The success in litigation and claims lie not only in the hands of the accident victim and his personal injury attorney, but also in the proper documentation of evidence supplied by other people involved in the case like the police, the physician, and the eyewitness.