Can Adware be Badware?

by : Arvind

Adware is major commercial business with lots of money in it. Sometimes you become so badly infected with malware adware that you have to end up reformatting the infected computer by literally wiping everything out and doing a fresh install.

Advertising is nothing new, and used responsibly and in the appropriate context, is useful and beneficial to the user. But in Internet advertising Adware is something we all have to be very careful about because of its dangerous activities once installed in our system, especially if we didn't consent to it. Any unauthorized program carries the risk of making our computers unstable. And if infected with adware, the system performs really slowly and crashes constantly.

Sometimes the system does not even boot up. On top of all this, when you try to clean up your badly adware infected system, you encounter serious problems. If there are too many adware items to remove your antispyware software or adware removal tool, your computer may not be able to handle the load. Moreover, after you remove the adware, it may have taken away the computer's ability to connect to the Internet.

Privacy And Security Risk

Adware acts like spyware, while threatening your privacy and security. It reports details about your browsing habits, every time you connect to the Internet, tracking what you type, what you search for and which advertisements interest you. When you surf the Web, a malware installation may very well alter your Internet Explorer security settings in such a way that it might show you treacherous sites as Trusted sites. You have the Trusted sites section so that you can be sure that these websites won't destroy your data or system. The problem about adware is that it adds deceitful sites to the trusted zone without our approval and knowledge.

If you use Windows XP and have Service Pack 2, you are supposed to be safe, but adware can be clever enough to exclude itself from list of popups to be blocked. It can even unblock itself from the Windows Firewall! Some adware use Trojan horses to conceal them so that antispyware software can't find them.

The concern with adware is even more severe when teenage kids are involved. They go to various sites to download lyrics and end up with a computer that becomes so infected with adware that it becomes a real challenge for an adware removal tool to tackle. Not only that, the adware keeps generating popups that are most unsuitable for the viewing of kids.

It is therefore, highly recommended that every computer must be installed with adware protection to ensure safety.