Content Cleaner and Erase Search History Tools

by : Sam Roberts

The computer is a boon to the modern man; lots of work that used to take hours can be done now in a matter of minutes with the help of the computer and internet. However while using the computer, many a time unnecessary information and data can get stored in the computer, in the form of hidden file without you knowing anything about it.

This is because Windows and most other software programs are programmed to store history about all the activities that were performed through the computer, and the internet. In fact, all the sites that are visited while surfing are stored in the PC, for your further use. Even temporary files from the websites that were visited are stored in the hard disk.

Another contrary fact is that even after the user manually deletes these files one can easily retrieve the deleted files with the help of several data recovery software programs available these days. Without you knowing about it, your loved ones, children and law enforcement people can very easily come across information they should not see on the computer. It is only with the help of a good internet eraser software program that it is possible for you to eliminate and delete all the unwanted files permanently from the computer.

With an internet eraser software, it is possible to protect the privacy of your internet as it helps in the cleaning up of all tracks found in the internet and your computer activity. Nowadays, there are different types of internet eraser software found in the internet; it is up to you to visit these sites and get the software downloaded in your computer. Most of the companies offer a free trial version of the software for the prospective customers to try out. However, you need to purchase the original version of internet eraser software if you wish to use it without limitations.

Most internet eraser software programs are designed in such a way that, even novice users will not find it too hard to get used to. The software is also compatible with almost all the popular web browsers out there such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, FireFox, AOL, Netscape, Opera, and MSN Explorer.

With an internet eraser software, it is possible to completely erase the content of all the sensitive files and folders that you want to have erased using the file-shredding feature of the software. To ensure that the file you want deleted stays deleted, some internet eraser software permits you to choose how many times you want to overwrite the data. With the removal of all this unnecessary files and folders, it is possible to increase the disk space of the computer, and of course, you will see your computer runs much faster than it used to be.