Learn Photoshop : Photo-editing Tips & Guidelines

by : Davidpeters

Photoshop is undoubtedly one of the forerunners of all the kinds of editing software that swarm the marketplace. With the plethora of tools and features that it offers users, Photoshop is fast gaining a reputation as one of the most widely used photo-editors in the editing sphere. However, there is still the challenge that most first-time users face when it comes to maneuvering their way through the software and learning about its true potential. In fact, there is a large percentage of users who are still unaware of all Photoshop has to offer, simply because they don't know how to get it to work for them. However, there still is a brighter side to this story. Adobe has now delineated some of Photoshop's most outstanding, and most widely used features into a remarkable software they call Photoshop Elements.

Photoshop Elements is a conglomeration of features and tools that encompass all that an amateur photographer or a rookie editor needs. However it is the simplicity of use that Elements offers users, which are extensive enough to keep them engaged, while also ensuring that the procedures and maneuvers are as simple and uncomplicated as a person who is relatively new to the world of digital imaging would want them to be. Also, this software is incredibly popular with digital photography enthusiasts as it allows them features which are specially molded to suit their requirements and leaves out those which fall under the usage of professionals. The competent photo-editor, photo-organizer and selection of themes and templates offer you all the creative resources you need, while the simplistic functioning makes it a lot easier to perform a host of functions which would have seemed daunting in other circumstances.

Photoshop Elements also facilitates the process of editing by letting you accomplish some of the more common functions of photo-editing, with just one simple function, instead of having to plod through endless steps and routines. For instance, one of the most common problems that plague a majority of photographers is the red-eye effect, which ruins the best of photographs by cropping up at the most inopportune of moments. Getting rid of this effect can be very tedious with Photoshop per se, but with Photoshop Elements, you can use the automatic Red Eye Removal feature and let the software do the laboring for you. Even better, the Quick-Fix functions let you crop images and adjust the light and color with the Auto Smart Fix and the Auto Contrast and Crop options, while also letting to take a look at the before and after versions.

Photoshop Elements also segregates its tools on the basis of the function they are designed to fulfill, so that the apprehension of wandering through a maze of options and selections is done away with. you can simply browse through the selection of tools offered under the 'Organize', 'Fix', 'Create' and 'Share Photos' categories based on what you're looking to do with your photographs. The process of selection is brilliantly simplified with the user having to simply paint over the desired section of the image and letting the selection tool carve out the edges by itself. And if you're looking for finer precision, you can also use the 'Refine Edge' dialog to smoothen, contract or expand the selection edge.

There are times when you think an image would look a lot better in its black and white form rather than the colored version you've captured with your digital camera. And if you're holding back for fear of having to venture into yet another confusing procedure, and ruining your image in the process, Elements lets you take a look at your photograph in its vintage avatar with just a few simple steps. You can even toy with the intensity until you achieve the exact effect you had envisioned. To sort through your images, simply refer to the 'Smart Albums' feature in the 'Organize' category, which sifts through your collection on the basis of the date you last modified it and even the model of camera it was captured with. The larger and more prominent icons are amazingly easy to locate while the add-ons and tutorials that the internet has to offer, only add to the ease with which you can sail through your Elements editing process and explore an even larger array of possibilities.

Photoshop Elements allows you a number of alternatives when it comes to showcasing your creations. You can either package your images into slideshows or feature them in web-galleries, or even print them out on contact sheets, depending on how you want to display them. The software also has a number of frames you can choose from, and even a selection of backgrounds and artwork that you can click and drop on your image to yield results that are nothing short of spectacular.

Photoshop Elements gives you a very helpful start when you first venture into the world of digital image editing. However, Photoshop has its own brand of loyalists who will insist that you cannot afford to opt for anything less than the all-inclusive version. And if you in a quandary about which side the grass is greener on, simply visit the Photoshop website and download trial versions of both varieties. Although time-bound, they do allow you a complete insight into all the softwares are capable of, giving you a comprehensive picture to base your selection on. So once you know the limits which you can scale with digital editing, why wait any longer? Download your trial versions, or take the plunge and invest in the software today and watch your images look more stunning than you could have ever pictured them as.