Online Ordering for Court Filing

by : One Legal

One Legal, Inc., California’s leading court filing and process serving company, has announced that beginning August 15th, 2007, it will move exclusively to an online ordering system and eliminate paper work orders. This service change will not impact customers’ ability to fax documents to One Legal, although it will require all court filing, research and service of process orders to be initiated via the company website.

One Legal introduced online ordering almost 5 years ago during the early phases of web technology. According to Robert DeFilippis, the company’s President and COO, "In 2002, we had a lot of early adopters trying out the system, and over the past couple of years, the use of online ordering has outpaced traditional paper-based orders." According to DeFilippis, more than half of One Legal’s court filing transactions and 100% of service of process orders are placed through the company website.

In November, 2006, the company launched a new and improved system that offers more advanced features such as the ability to create templates, save active cases, and retrieve file-stamped caption pages and proofs of service at any time. The system also generates automatic email updates about a customer’s order status and delivery, and customers can also track their orders online 24 hours a day.

DeFilippis also says that an initial concern of some customers who want to file court documents may be whether they can continue to fax their documents to One Legal. "The answer is yes. We’ll continue to accept faxed documents once the initial order is placed online," he adds.

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