Great Plains Setup: Installation, Data Conversion, User Training

by : Andrew Karasev

Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system is targeted to mid-size businesses, and Small Business Financials is for smaller companies.? It is common norm on the MRP market, when mid-size accounting software requires professional installing, support, data migration and reports design.? Microsoft Business Solutions sells GP through its business partner channel, securing proper software implementation support.? Let's quickly review typical installation and setup scenarios:

1.?????? Installing.? Installation has two parts: server and client.? You should be ready to host Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2000 on your server in order to implement Great Plains Dynamics.? In simple case - you have just one office where you install the server and user workstations, however if you have multiple offices, you have two (or more) options, usually: either VPN connection to your central location, or Remote Desktop connection to your GP application server

2.?????? Initial Data Setup.? Here you can try to do just initial balances in your General Ledger and master records import: customers, vendors, employees, addresses, GL accounts.? We recommend you first to consider simple initial balances only and keep your old accounting application for historical data lookup. ?In some cases you have to do more complex data conversion with history migration

3.?????? Data conversion.? Here you export your historical AR, AP, Payroll, GL data from your legacy accounting system, then sort of massage it in Excel and import into GP via Integration Manager or via direct SQL insert method.? IM is preferred method, in some cases Integration Manager doesn't have connectors to help you, especially when you are deploying add-ons or third party ISV modules - if ISV doesn't have integration option, then you deploy SQL stored procedures and scripts

4.?????? User Training.? When you implement GP in your organization, the implementation is typically very specific and common ERP training may be too generic to help you work out your data entry and transactions approval and posting procedures.? You can send your key employees for customer training in generic GP navigation and probably IT support, and we recommend you to hire your GP implementation partner (MBS VAR) to train your users more precisely, having your business processes addressed