Custom Dynamic Search Engine Optimization (cdseo) Pro for X-cart

by : Jon Peters

CDSEO Pro for X-Cart is the definitive x-cart seo tool. Created from over six years of hands-on x-cart seo experience in addition to feedback from the top x-cart search engine marketing firms, CDSEO Pro creates a search engine friendly structure while providing the ability to seo optimize your category, product, manufacturer, and static pages.

With CDSEO Pro you have custom control over:

X-Cart Urls
X-Cart Page Titles
X-Cart Link Anchors
X-Cart Meta Keywords
X-Cart Meta Descriptions
X-Cart Index Page Title
... all using an integrated administration control panel!

CDSEO Pro is the only x-cart url mod that functions as a complete seo solution!
Additional features include:

Folder and/or HTML file support for URLs
Automatic redirect from default x-cart url's to prevent duplicate content
Automatic rewrite of / index
Internal cache for increased speed and use on larger x-cart stores
Support for third-party modules by allowing custom query strings in the urls
Easy third-party module integration using a URL API
SEO module support to further expand CDSEO Pro
Administration is easy as CDSEO Pro:

Auto-populates seo data using a web-based installation
Allows for easy customization of categories, products, manufacturers, and static pages
Provides the ability to export/import seo data
Is easily configurable through a settings adminstration page
Compare a CDSEO Pro product page to that of a default x-cart page:

? X-Cart CDSEO Pro
Page Title: Company Name - Category 1 - Category 2 - Product Name Your SEO Keywords - More Seo Keywords
Page Url: product.php?productid=X
/catalog/entire-product-name-here-pr-5.html your-seo-keywords-only.html
Meta Keywords: The same meta keywords used throughout your x-cart and on every other product page. x-cart seo product specific keyword 1, x-cart seo product specific keyword 2, etc.
Meta Description: The same meta description used through your x-cart and on every other product page. Using CDSEO Pro for X-Cart I now have a keyword rich, product specific meta description
Link Anchor: N/A My Additional SEO Keywords


To utilize CDSEO your server must have mod_rewrite enabled and allow rewrite rules to be added using an .htaccess file. (Nearly all apache hosts provide this functionality.)

NOTE: Windows and Zeus compatibility will be available soon.? Sign-up to our newsletter at the top right to be notified at that servers with ISAPI Rewrite.