Movie Maker Features | Video Editing Tools

by : Seantan

Film making has really come a long way since the time of the VHS tapes that needed to be played in the player and play paused a zillion numbers of times till the right kind of stuff was included in the edited drafts. Those were the days when film editing, even editing home movies - was a daunting task! No wonder at all that people used to keep their VHS tapes containing precious memories just gathering dust because it was much of a pain to go through the entire manual editing process.

But, rest assured, with the movie editing software that we have around us today, you are least likely to keep your movies association dust. In fact, you will be making the theater just so you could edit them! That is how enchanting editing has become today. Power packed with awesome features and so user-friendly that even a school, going kid can use them! It is being rightfully said that the photo editing applications, photo editing tool and its close likenesses, have brought to the world a new brand of artistic intelligence.

The first problem with traditional movie editing was the capture process. It would take endless hours to capture a small video clip even, and then that would take such a toll on the PC resources that it would be difficult to simultaneously use the computer for some other work. Now, movie auto maker software has made the capture method finish within minutes. They can also read all formats, and are very compatible for converting analog videos to digital format, which is required by the PC.

Then you go about adding a music clip from your collection. Again, all digital music formats are acceptable, and if you take video editing software, it can automatically weave the music into the video. Not just that, it can synchronize the video to the music. Meaning, if your music has racy beats, the edited video will be made to move faster or if you put in a mushier track, then the video will go as slow as they show in those sugar sweet romantic movie scenes. There's a whole world of graphic effects you can intersperse with your movies too, and you have to only click on them to ingrain them into your video.

Some movie editing tools, have inbuilt styles that you can apply to the whole video with just a click. You can turn out a sepia toned video reminiscent of the times of Charlie Chaplin, or you can make a hip hop styled music video style. In fact, you can take the same raw video and give it several styles to add to the variety.

The modern film editing tools have really put the ball in your court. You have to simply choose what kind of movie you want and you get it. As sentimental or as funny as you want, or even as action packed, for that matter! It is time you welcomed yourself to this new genre of film editing.