An Overview of the History of Printing Tools

by : Henry Neal

Invention of printing is one of the most significant technological developments in human history. And the invention of different printing tools has taken it too far. Printing facilitated the capability not only to distribute ideas and but also to ensure their survival over generations to generations. And the availability of various tools used for the purpose has speed up the speed of printing to an amazing degree.

Though we have plenty of reasons now to be amazed at the abundance of sophisticated printing tools all around us, the primitive people were not at all lucky in this regard. It has been possible to trace the origins of printing back to seals used to "sign" official documents as early as 255 B.C and the tools used for the purpose were natural things like animal skin, leaves. First movable metal characters were used in 1232 in Korea. It is only 200 years later Johannes Gutenberg of Germany invented modern printing machine and spread this technique throughout Europe.

With the passage of time the world witnessed the invention of new technology and the emergence of new and nice Printing tools. Invention of computers has revolutionized the printing style. New tools are being needed to keep pace with the changes brought about by computer software. Texts, images, pictures etc. are created in various shapes and fonts that necessitate the use of sophisticated printing tools. And the industry of electronics is delivering the market with just that at regular intervals.

The main function of some of the printing tools is to establish the connection and facilitate the delivery of a stamp from a substrate with concrete control over the printing time, the mechanical forces acting, and also the placement of the stamp on the substrate. Other requirements such as inking and cleaning procedures within the printing tool depend on the specific application. This type of tool is highly handy and easy to use.