Server Monitor Tools

by : sachinagg01

Admin Town offers various Server Monitoring tools to manage your Server Management. These tools are very easy to install and simple interface allows you to free up your time doing other useful things. These tools are very efficient, time saving & money saving. So just reduce work pressure to manage your Server Management System & take the Free Trial of these tools from

Here you could find different types of tools those are very helpful to manage your Server Management System. Some of them are listed here:

Active Directory Export/Import Tool: By using this Active Directory Export /Import tool, Administrators easily export or import User Accounts and any Organization Accounts from one Windows Server Active Directory Domain to export to another. By using this tool you could also create the list of User Accounts those currently exist in Window Active Directory Domain and Administrator could import in his/her favorite monitoring tool like MS Word & Excel.

Exchange Mailbox Cleanup Tool: By using this Exchange Mailbox Cleanup Tool you could manage your mailbox & you don't have need to delete your mails manually.
Let's see, how this mailbox cleanup tool does work & what it sees:
&bullMailbox cleanup tool display your mailbox size & help to manage your mailbox size.
&bullFinds the mails & archives which are larger than certain KB size or finds the items which are older than certain date.
&bullMailbox cleanup tool display the items of deleted items folder & also delete the mails from deleted items folder.

Mail Server Stress Tool: Mail Server Stress Tool is Stress Tool is a powerful SMTP test application, designed to pinpoint critical performance issues in your Mail Server that may prevent optimal performance on your email server.

Mail Forwarder Tool: Mail forwarder tool works for mail server downtime and disaster recovery. Mail Forwarder forwards a copy of the incoming email to a secondary SMTP server. In mail forwarder tools if you use Mobile option, then you could receive your all mails on your Mobile Phone instantly does not matter where are you. Mail forwarder also filters unwanted emails from your Mailbox. You can either forward message by domain names or for selective email addresses.

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