Can your System Go Mobile?

by : John Turner

Most of the big software vendors talk about Mobile Solutions, but what does this mean?
For most of us it is about giving access to those members of staff who are travelling direct access to their key systems directly from a laptop or handheld device. This is now a reality for modern implementations based on Dynamics GP and .
What types of function can I expect my "mobile worker" to do?
The key areas that are most often sought include

  • Activity management

  • Account management

  • Contact management

  • Lead management

  • Opportunity management

  • Quotes

  • Inventory checking

  • Order creation

  • Invoice generation

  • Product information

  • Competitor information

  • Location map

  • Barcode reader, camera, printer, GPS support

  • Issue and complete service calls

  • Access knowledge base for Service engineers

The various Mobile products out there provide a range of pre-defined transactions types that automatically synchronize with the main office system using a range of technologies. The key for a Small to Medium sized business with Dynamics GP or SAP Business One is that by having chosen one of these main stream products you have off the shelf options available that mean you do not have to face the costs or risk of developing a unique solution you can choose one of the shelf.
Whether your emphasis is contact management, taking and managing quotes /orders or managing service engineers out the standard solutions are out there. For further information just contact you account manager.