Patience As They Say Is a Virtue

by : Atty. Gabriel Cosh

It is redundant indeed, cliché even, but what more can an individual plagued with a disability have but to have faith with the only hope that it has left. As the ordinary parlance goes, beggars cannot be choosers. Hence, they have no choice but to accept what is available to alleviate from the suffering they are experiencing, even if it takes relying on the benefits afforded by the Social Security Disability Program.

It is an epic battle, one involving the degrading condition of the claimant, on one hand, and the bureaucratic process that plagues the Social Security Disability Program, on the other. Sad part is that the claimant has no choice, but to suffer the consequences of both before a favorable settlement may be given his way.

This has been the underlying critique on the Social Security Disability Program since time immemorial, that is, although it has laudable, and novel purpose, it is defeated by the fact that the program has been plagued with irregularities making the benefits it is suppose to give already moot and academic. The extension of relief to the disabled claimant usually takes a minimum period of three years, hence, if this scenario would be applied to a claimant that has been plagued with a fatal disease, then he would have been long gone before his claims are given proper recourse.

To make matters even worse, there is no guaranty that after the lapse of the said period, an affirmative resolution in favor of the claimant could be had. It is usually the case that because of the clogged dockets of the Social Security Administration, those claims that do not have sufficient evidence to support them are actually denied. After denial, it is now dependent on the claimant whether or not to file an appeal. Experience standing as a witness actually shows that the lapse of time from the point the claim was filed to its initial resolution already operates as a deterrent to filing an appeal to a denied application.

In this situation, the services of Social Security Law Attorneys are essential. With their participation in your case, factors such as bureaucracy and the endless time of wait could actually be avoided. Social Security Law Attorneys understand where you are coming from, and would zealously fight for your welfare.