SQL Ledger Accounting With Source Code

by : Kkchoon

SQL Ledger Accounting is an accounting software or general ledger that build on SQL database server, and the common SQL database including: mySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Firebird, Interbase... SQL Accounting will share the same characteristics:

Character #1 - Powerful and scalable.
They all have the powerful database engine that can process and store large amounts of data, scale user connections from ten to several thousands access simultaneously. No conventional file based accounting can match such a requirement.

Character #2 - They use SQL syntax.
All major database support SQL syntax, that's why they called SQL database! SQL stands for Structural Query Language, a list of commands to retrieve, to process and to store data.

Character #3 - Drivers available to different types of Compiler.
SQL database will provide drivers to different types of compiler, most major business software provider should be able to communicate with them easily, eliminates the need for SDK or API during integration, import and export can be eliminated as well.

Accounting feature wise is the same, but SQL Ledger Accounting provides more flexibility, faster integration, better and more secure data storage for end user. Company should migrate to SQL Server Accounting to enjoy the benefit of better integration with another business software, reduce the needs of human intervention.

Amongst SQL Accounting Software, there are some provider comes with source code. These types of system are especially important to software development vendor and company with the in-house development team development team. Some of the advantages are listed below:

Advantage #1 - Fast Integration.
Developer can integrate existing software faster and easier with access to source code; if required modification, developer will be very flexible to modify, enhance or remove any components within the source code to customize the accounting for their needs.

Advantage #2 - Royalty free.
This type of software normally comes with royalty free license, means the company can use or sell it without paying source code vendor anymore! In long run it will save the company thousands if not millions of dollars every year.

Advantage #3 - Re-brand able.
Software company can re-brand the source to their name and their customer will not notice any difference.

There are still many advantages, but the bottom line is: You get total control of your software and save thousands of testing, development and debugging hours with one time payment!

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