New Version of Inetformfiller 3.6.08

by : Softinform

May 07, 2007 - SoftInform Ltd. releases a new version of iNetFormFiller 3.6.08, a program for automated web form filling, featuring a new Batch mode settings toolbar.

The current version of iNetFormFiller supports a new settings toolbar for working with its Batch mode filling function. If the website's structure doesn't allow for filling the forms out automatically in the Batch mode, with the help of the new toolbar you can fill them out in the browser window itself half manually half automatically. The new toolbar maintains all of iNetFormFiller's capabilities in filling out the forms with information stored in .CSV files and databases.

iNetFormFiller - is a powerful tool that automatically fills out web forms of any complexity with minimum efforts and time required from the user. Among its new fea tures are:

-ability to identify "relevant" forms on the web pages (when there is more than one form),
-ability to record and automatically reproduce web link clicks
-batch mode filling, which lets you fill out online forms with standard data (Java forms included)
-ability to manually bind corresponding form fields with fields from your profiles
-availability of various types of fields, including combined ones (fields uniting values from several fields)
-ability to synchronize field values in different profiles
-and much more

More details about iNetFormFiller on the official website:

You can download a trial version of iNetFormFiller here:

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