Ical. the Elegant Desktop Calendar of Apple

by : Harry Johnson

iCal is a personal calendar application made by Apple Computer that runs on the Mac OS X operating system. iCal can also refer to iCalendar, the standard calendar format used by the iCal calendar application. iCal was the first calendar application to offer support for multiple calendars and the ability to publish/subscribe calendars to WebDAV server.

Apple's new calendar application, iCal, is available for Mac OS X. iCal makes it easy to publish and share your calendar data online, either through Apple or third-party services. Perhaps of more interest to developers, iCal stores its data in the standard calendar (.ics) file format, which is used by other calendar programs, like Mozilla Calendar. This means you can take advantage of existing libraries to develop your own applications for sharing and publishing iCal files.

Special Features:

Keeps track of events and appointments, allows multiple calendar views (such as calendars for "home", "work", and "kids") to quickly identify conflicts and free time.

Is integrated with .apple, so calendars can be shared over the Internet. You can also share calendars via the WebDAV protocol.

Allows notification of upcoming events either on screen, by e-mail, SMS, or pager. There is also a third-party Dashboard widget called iCal Events that allows notification of upcoming events using Dashboard.

An elegant personal calendar application that helps you manages your life and your time better than ever before. iCal lets you keep track of your appointments and events with multiple calendars featuring at-a-glance views of upcoming activities by day, week or month.

you can: – Keep track of your schedules, events and appointments, with at-a-glance views of upcoming activities by day, week or month – Manage and view more than one calendar at a time from within a single unified window to quickly identify schedule conflicts and pockets of free time – Share your calendars online with your colleagues, family and friends, using your .Apple account – Subscribe to other calendars to keep up with work schedules, family and school events, and more

With so many events demanding your attention, you need to expand or narrow your calendar view at the click of a button. iCal allows you to choose between viewing your schedule by day, week or month. And it's easy to find things on your calendar using iCal's powerful search feature. Just type in what you're looking for in the search field, and the matching results appear as they're found. Go to any event simply by clicking on the event name in the search results list. Or use Spotlight to search for calendar events and To Dos by summary, location, organizer, attendees and more right from your Desktop.

You can download a roundup of calendars you can use with iCal to stay on top of everything from TV shows to ball games and concerts to major holidays to movie openings and DVD release dates to Apple store openings.

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