Side Effects of Badly Configured Services

by : Arvind

Windows operating system has a set of services that are constantly running in the background. These services are process that provide support and help to the operating system. Some of them start up automatically and some have to be configured to run along with the system. Many of these windows services are needed for the system to run efficiently and some are not needed at all except for running programs like Internet telephony and the like. Many of these services can considerably slow down your system and cause a great deal of harassment to the user. Windows registry cleaner can identify some of these services and clean the system of fine tune the registry to load only the ones that are needed.
Downloading Programs Can Lead To Registry Clutter
Sometimes when you download programs from the Internet like the telephony program mentioned above the program will reboot the system once the installation is complete. Here is where the program plays around with the windows registry. It will configure the windows services to support the telephony software. Here it will make changes to the services configuration as well as to the system Registry. Now when you uninstall the software it leaves the changes in the registry. These changes have to be removed with a reliable windows registry cleaner. There are many free registry cleaner software available on the Internet.
Free Registry Cleaners Are Worth A Try
Even though you can enable or disable the windows services from the registry manually it is not advisable to do so. Let on of the free registry cleaners do the job by scanning the registry and search for the services that are not linked to any program and are in fact, not needed. The windows free registry cleaner will remove the services or rather disable the services for you. This will speed up the system considerably. This will eliminate the problem that is caused by disabling the services that are vital to the system if the services are disabled manually.
You may not have understood the concept of the registry. You may not even know anything about software. But this knowledge is not required to clean up your registry. Knowing that cleaning up the registry can speed up your system and make it more efficient should be incentive enough to go on the Internet and get yourself a free registry cleaner. It is easy to use and requires just two clicks of the mouse to get the job of cleaning the registry done. It also takes just under three minutes to scan and repair the system registry.