Clear All History

by : Sam Roberts

With the advent of technology, the concept of paperless offices, online transactions have become an everyday event. Today, for most of our work we depend on the computer and the Internet. However, while using the Internet most of us are not aware about the security problems faced by our computer during both online transactions as well as idle surfing.

Idle surfing can inadvertently save onto our computer images and files that may harm the computer's hard disk. This may also lead to personal problems especially if the computer is one at the office and it is monitored by others as some images or banners may be saved without our knowledge or intent. Secondly, while conducting online financial transactions, there is always a threat of our Bank ID, password, and account details being hacked and misused by others. People are often under the misconception that deleting the history in the explorer will solve the problem and will not leak such information. However, this is not true as this data is stored in a system file that is not deleted when one deletes the explorer history.

Internet Eraser Software is one tool which helps to delete the information stored in this system file thereby making the computer hacker-free. The internet eraser software has certain embedded programs that can search and find hidden files that are to be deleted. This software ensures that the privacy of an individual is protected and deletes all such files that are unwanted and are stored in such hidden folders. Along with deleting unwanted files, the internet eraser software deletes the information that we have saved on the URL regarding bank or credit card transactions. This ensures that hackers are not privy to important information that may be misused resulting in losses.

The internet eraser software also has a shredder feature which is similar to the paper shredder traditionally used in offices. This performs the same task of permanently deleting files that are unwanted or that may leak important and confidential information from the hard disk. The internet eraser software also acts like an anti virus software, protecting the PC from unwanted viruses invading it through such hidden files and thus makes the entire online experience a safe and secure one. Internet eraser software is mainly helpful in preventing theft of identity as it ensures that all personal information is deleted and not available to hackers.

The major advantage of the internet eraser software that it supports all major web browsers like FireFox, Internet Explorer, Netscape and can delete search history on the major websites like Google, MSN, and Yahoo.