Mailsniffer Rc

by : Softinform

April 24, 2007 - SearchInform Technologies has released a new version of MailSniffer RC, a program designed to intercept all e-mail traffic on network protocol level, index the intercepted messages and conduct search through them.
An initial interception system settings manager has been added in the new version of SearchInform MailSniffer for user's convenience. It is activated when the program first runs and helps the user to set the incoming and outgoing message interception system correctly.
Another significant enhancement is an added intercepted messages filter. Now the user can set the system in such a way that only letters from and to a certain IP address, a set of IP addresses, or certain MAC-addresses of network adapters will be intercepted. This innovation allows for much more detailed program settings as it enables the user to specify the computers electronic mail from which needs to be intercepted.
An improved efficiency of interception system makes the program function with a significantly higher overall speed. The new version also has an improved automatic letter code detection module.
Starting with the new version SearchInform MailSniffer is also enabled to intercept the passwords of e-mail boxes letters from which are sent and received.
Now all information on intercepted letters and on SearchInform MailSniffer's performance in general can be sent to a specified e-mail address. These reports contain all information the user might need to monitor the letter interception system remotely.

SearchInform MailSniffer RC main features:

- Previewing correspondence history with one recipient
- Full text search in letters and attached files with due consideration to stemming
- Unique similar search feature
- Control over employees' correspondence
- User access rights differentiation