Activefiler, the Ultimate Document Manager

by : Paul


ActiveFiler automatically files all your office documents, spreadsheets, email attachments, in fact any computer file automatically

Awgar Stone Ltd. May 22, 2007 is delighted to announce the release of the latest version of ActiveFiler, document/file management software.

Proud of the continuous growth of our solution we present the following powerful new features of ActiveFiler:

&bullAudit Trail - A record of when and where a documents have been saved

&bullUnique Document ID - Generate and use a unique number for naming, and optionally inserting it in the document

&bullThe only document filing/management system that integrates with Amicus Attorney data - Use fields from Amicus Attorney files such as client, matter and area of law to name documents and folders. More than 30 fields to choose from.

&bullCustomized integration - In order to respond to customers needs, ActiveFiler can be customized to be fully compliant with MS Office programs. ActiveFiler can be configured to suit almost any filing requirement. The depth of the folder hierarchy, the complexity of naming, the sources of data and the processing are all very flexible and extensible.

&bullFree to try, instant download - A free almost fully functional version with no timeout is available for instant download. We don't even ask for your email address. Free help is available getting up and running - see the Support section

The user friendly, easy to use ActiveFiler offers

&bullPerfect saving every time

&bullPrevents saving mistakes / filing errors

&bullFree help available

&bullNo vendor lock-in

&bullCentral Control

&bullFolders created on-demand, as well as named

&bullAsk the User

&bullConditional and text processing

&bullNo Coding!

The PROBLEM: disorganized, chaotic expanding OUT OF CONTROL computer filing systems COST YOU MONEY in lost productivity and could land your business in deep trouble if documents are lost or accidentally deleted.

The SOLUTION:ActiveFiler automatically files all your office documents, spreadsheets, email attachments, in fact any computer files automatically.

Now, for the first time, small businesses don't need to pay $$$$$s to get automatic document management capabilities, ActiveFiler will take care of everything.

TRIAL VERSION FOR FREE! (Fully usable but does not allow viewing of variable results - an advanced feature).

*Microsoft Word add-in provided. Add-ins for other programmes easy to make or available on request