New Functions of Searchinform 4.0.09

by : Softinform

May 28, 2007 - SearchInform Technologies Inc. announces a new version of SearchInform, a corporate system of full text search and search for documents with similar content in large data volumes, featuring an enhanced data indexing algorithm.

New functions of SearchInform 4.0.09

Fundamental changes took place in intranet computers indexing algorithm. Now an agent program tracking all changes is installed on each computer and all data gets recorded into a log file. Before scanning all these files for changes used to be extremely time-consuming, now only the log file created by agent-program gets scanned. As a result of this innovation (only modified and new files being indexed) the index updating speed has significantly increased.

Another important detail is that now all information gets indexed regardless of whether the folder is in common access or not.

All indexed data gets placed into the storage located on the server. This allows the user to conduct search through all information regardless of the computer it was indexed on, so even if the computer containing needed information is switched off, the information will still be found. Even if certain files were deleted from the computer by accident, they will still be available in the storage for a set period of time. The size of the storage and the time intervals throughout which the information will be stored in it are defined by the user.

Main features of SearchInform:
- Phrase search with due consideration to stemming and thesaurus
- New SoftInform Search Technology of search for similar documents
- High indexing speed (from 15 to 30 Gb/hour),
- Client-server architecture
- Scalability
- Query caching system
- Support of over 60 most popular text formats, Outlook & TheBat electronic messages, mp3 & avi tags, and logs of MSN and ICQ instant messaging programs
- Indexing DBMS fields (Lotus, SQL, Oracle)