Plagiatinform 1.2

by : Softinform

August 20, 2007 - SearchInform Technologies releases a new version of PlagiatInform, a professional plagiarism detection system.

PlagiatInform 1.2 is now supplemented with an installation wizard that makes it easier to set the work of server part of the program.

Besides that, the new version of PlagiatInform also scans documents for plagiarism in batch mode. Batch mode allows the user to check a large number of documents for plagiarism all at once. The documents being scanned are compared not only with an internal database of papers, but also among themselves. The user can also automatically add the scanned documents to the database of papers given they are unique and do not contain plagiarized information. The server saves the history of all batch mode scans.

Another significant innovation is the system protecting against transliteration (substituting Cyrillic symbols in text for analogous Latin alphabet letters and/or vice versa). Starting with the current version the students won't be able to cheat PlagiatInform with simply changing the symbols by similar-looking once from a different language.

PlagiatInform, equipped with a unique patented similar document search technology, successfully solves the problem of plagiarism. Newly added functions of SoftInform search technology help the program identify the fact of plagiarism with evermore accuracy.

In case PlagiatInform doesn't detect plagiarism in the modified text - the efforts made to change it were substantial enough for the work to be considered original.

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