Close your Customer & Then Sales Will Come!

by : Phone Sheet

With the tremendous amount of competition in the real estate industry, real estate agents must employ successful client relations and communication strategies to close deals. Sadly, many buying clients and leads have no particular loyalty when it comes to real estate agents.

In order to close the sale, you must first close your client. Therefore, it is through strategy that you can brand yourself as a realtor and obtain their business loyalty to close the sale. Developing a communication strategy is not difficult, but in fact, can be easily facilitated through the assistance of real estate contact manager software, such as With a real estate contact manager software program, you can successfully manage your communication needs from the first lead call to the closing of the deal through several strategies:

§ First impressions are the last impressions. Within the first four seconds of your communication with a potential client, he/she has already developed critical perceptions about you that may shape your ability to close him as a customer. With the use of, you can carefully review his messages and anticipate his needs; therefore, when you speak with the client for the first time, you feel confident and professional, which is the first step for you to close the customer. provides you with the necessary information and strategies to leave positive, lasting impressions with your clients.

§ Follow-up skills are critical for developing loyalty. Clients must believe that they can rely upon you to complete everything you have talked about, including the minutest details. However, with the dozens upon dozens of clients and conversations you juggle as a realtor, this can be very difficult, unless you employ the benefits of real estate contact manager software. It is not an easy process to recall from memory the details of every conversation to ascertain what is left on your task list. Through, you can easily and quickly record details of each conversation, thus ensuring that you will follow-up with all of the points covered in your phone call with the client. This develops your branding as a realtor and creates a trusting, reliable bond with your client. streamlines your administrative duties, leaving you to focus on the more important parts of your business.

§ Personalized attention results in client loyalty. Clients need to feel important before they will give you their client loyalty; this means you must have an ability to provide them with personalized, custom service. For the client to have a personal connection to you that will develop their loyalty, they must feel that you see them as a person, instead of a business transaction. With the hundreds of leads and clients you already have, it is difficult to remember the personal details of each client, such as how many children they have or what school district they are seeking. Through the use of real estate contact manager software, you have an ability to record all of the personal details that make your client feel special. You can quickly pull up their information from the contact manager software and ask them about their children by name, as well as ask how their dog Fido is recovering from his vet check-up. These personal details, which are all easily and quickly recorded in's real estate contact manager software, are what develop your client's loyalty to you as a realtor.

If you want to close a deal, you must first close the customer, and this is made very easy and efficient through a real estate contact manager software. With the simple click of a button, you can quickly manage all of your communication details with your clients, which make them feel special, and thus, loyal to your services. By utilizing real estate contact manager software, you are taking the strategic step to close more deals and increase your commission revenues. In addition, each client you close now through real estate contact manager software will remain a client for life, which dramatically increases your closing conversion ratio for years to come!