Wrong Clicks Cost Companies Half a Billon Euro on Average

by : Jesse Miller

According to a research conducted by the European Computer Driving License, 69% of the people using computers at work are losing time daily to solve problems related to not knowing certain simple commands and operations when it comes to basic computer usage. Amongst the main impediments they listed even something as simple as printing documents.

The situation could be explained mainly by the fact that 59% of employees of European companies never took IT courses.

A day a week in front of the PC

The same study shows that 75% of the interviewed persons spend more that 5hours a day in front of their work PC. If we multiply by 5 working days, we'll get 25 hours a week of PC work.

The most frequent operations they deal with are text processing, such as using word documents, Excel databases, power point presentations. Surfing the Internet and checking the e-mail daily are a consistent part of the daily routine of those who use the computer.

Italians are in the lead

If we read recent studies performed just for Italy, we will find that Italian companies loose up to 30 times more than any other European country. Their staggering losses of 15 billon euros a year as a result of poor computer usage, they are way ahead of the average per country looses of 500 million euro every year.

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These looses have caused companies to pay for and make employees take computer courses and IT courses. They are hoping of cutting back their losses and they figure that in the future the investment they make in current employees will pay off.