Undo Recent Changes

by : Jesse Miller

One of the first things to consider is what were you doing on the PC immediately prior to the fault manifesting itself, If you can identify something specific then very often simply undoing it will eliminate the problem.

The easiest way to trouble shoot your PC would be to consider what were you doing prior to the problem occurring? These might be certain cases in which your PC might not function downloading from the internet, installing a peripheral, i.e. a new scanner, upgrading your PC with a new card, deleting a program, installing a program, running a program, changing your PC`s settings, shutting down your PC the wrong way and maintenance.

There`s a lot of talk concerning the phenomenon of computer viruses, a lot of it scaremongering by parties with a vested interest. The reality however, is that most people will run a PC all their lives without ever encountering one. Nevertheless, the risk is always there, particularly if you download from the Internet or use email.

Some viruses are very obviously viruses but others can be very difficult to identify as such. So, while it is unlikely, never discount the possibility that your PC has become infected.
There are hundreds of thousands of known viruses, the vast majority of which are spread via the Internet and their effects can mimic literally any computer fault. So if your PC starts giving trouble after downloading from the Internet there is a very good chance that it has picked up a virus. On suspecting it to be a case then you must obtain an up to date virus program and check your system with it.

Installing a new hardware is a common cause of problems and is usually due to the new hardware device taking the resources allocated to an existing hardware device. This problem can usually be sorted out via control panel, system, and device manager. Be wary about installing freeware programs downloaded from the internet. These can be badly written and buggy.

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When faced with that most familiar computer problem, a hung or frozen PC, hit ctrl+alt+delete, before doing anything else. This brings up the close program box which shows you all the programs running and which one is causing the problem. Try and close the offending program from there. Many problems are caused by not exiting operating system correctly and can be corrected by rebooting and doing it the right way.