Great Plains Consultant Selection Advises

by : Andrew Karasev

Microsoft Business Solutions ERP family of products includes Dynamics GP, or former mid-size ERP name is Great Plains Software Dynamics. In this small publication we would like to give you highlights on GP consultant selection process plus set expectation on the implementation. As GP is for mid-size customers (meaning that it is not the best fit for small businesses, where Microsoft has Small Business Accounting and Small Business Financials, which in turn is scaled down version of Great Plains), you should not expect this MRP package to bee too modern - its strong points are coming from the integration with Microsoft Office product stack and future directions of this process, rather then from its Microsoft Dexterity shell "modernization". Let's go to the topic of GP consultant selection:

1.Nationwide consulting companies. Some of them are public corporations, where you should expect to find complete GP functional and technical expertise: implementation consultants, GP programmer, report developers and integration specialists. These companies at the same time, as the rule charge the highest hourly consulting rate. If you are in turn nation-wide public corporation, the advantage for you might be apparent, as this type of MBS VAR will support locally all or the majority of your locations

2.Regional GP VARs. If you need reliable local support in one or few business metros, then you might try the strategy to find regional partner. Regional partners are typically mid-size consulting companies, backed by the business pyramid, where you find the involvement of regional or nationwide audit firm ownership. Regional firms carry solid technical expertise and often couple with offshore software developer firms and call centers to support ERP applications. One of the specifics of regional partners is - they have to provide more than one ERP and CRM application consulting and support practices, as market is not large enough to concentrate on one package

3.Independent GP consultants or one-person operation firms. Here you are finding the lowest consulting rates, as a rule, plus you often find the professional who reached the maximum in nation-wide or regional GP implementation company, and now he or she is independent. This means for you that if you are looking for expertise and experience - independent consultant might be the best choice, however these folks are harder to locate and so, select. Often one-person-operations companies are associated with larger organizations, meaning that their direct hire is complicated

4.Customization needs. In the case of GP customizing typically ends up in Great Plains Dexterity, meaning that your GP partner should carry Microsoft Dexterity Programmers in staff. Please do your homework, do not pick your future partner by flipping the coin.