How to Create a Partition

by : Jesse Miller

When you buy a new computer that hasn't got an operating system installed on it, you feel the need to organize your working space. The only way you can do this is by partitioning you hard drive any way you see fit so that you can optimize your space.

If you don't know exactly how to perform this task, the easiest way would be to look up some reviews or to ask somebody who has been through this kind of experience. In case you want to do this by yourself, you need to have a boot CD.

A boot CD is something that comes along with every license you buy when you need an operating system and the most common one is Windows. If your computer doesn't already have it installed, you must place your CD into the optical unit; also know as a CD ROM or as a CD Writer and then press any key when the proper message hits the screen.

After doing this, you will be presented with a simple menu from where you can choose to install the software or to format the free space that you have. A format on the partition at hand is very effective because it prepares the hard drive for the necessary operating system architecture, making it compatible for the programs needs.

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You are allowed to set the size of the partition and the type of format that you desire. These options are great if you want to do a fast or a thorough installation, depending on the needs of the user. It sounds complicated, but once you get to work and actually see what you are up against, you will be amazed on how easy it can be.