Intelligent Ecommerce. the Future?

by : DOTNUTSHELL Technolgies

DOTNUTSHELL Technologies is at the foefront in the development of systems. Our experience and our background demonstrates years of research and development of highly scalable, business orientated software systems incorporating . Our software is also based on the idea that nearly all business data collated over time can be engineered and mined to reveal patterns that can be used in business to enhance customer relations as well as increase turn over.

The basic premise of our intelligent ecommerce systems are:

Your business data is valuable and can be mined

We can create intelligent software to explore and disseminate information from this data

We can incorporate this data into the software we create for you

We can incorporate it into your ecommerce solution

We can show you what you are doing wrong

We can re-engineer you business proccess and create scalable and distributed software to help you

We can write it in whatever language you want

We can deploy it on any system we want

We will do it to budget and on time

eCan is an intelligent ecommerce software platform, providing off-the-shelf ecommerce front-end and back-end system. It is a fully developed and tested application system which is built on an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to provide a predictive shopping solution to SME's.

It will provide:

A Catalogue Interface

Shopping cart solution providing some basic payment gateway interface

A member's area allowing people to track orders

An administration area providing system-wide control

A Stock Management System

An email system allowing confirmatory emails, for buyers as well as sellers

Rapid Order Processing

Secure eCommerce payment gateway interface

Real-time Order Notification System

Cross Language Interface layer - bridging .NET with PHP and C/C++

Intelligent Knowledge-Based Database interactivity

Extensibility interface allowing the software to run across a distributed system (i.e. on more than one system)

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