Great Plains | Ecommerce Shopping Carts Information

by : Andrew Karasev

Microsoft Dynamics GP for sure has multiple third party products and extensions, however in this article we would like for you to first come through Microsoft Business Solutions original products and modules. If one of native Microsoft s-commerce solutions fits you, then you should be more secured in down the road software version upgrades, migrations, etc. Microsoft Great Plains is in the transition to become partially (or maybe even fully in the future) web application, and current name of the platform is Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Portal

1.BP & eCommerce. If you were on the market of Great Plains Dynamics consulting & implementation for a while, you probably remember old good ecommerce application eOrder for Great Plains Dynamics. Last version of eOrder was available for Great Plains 7.5. Beginning with version 8.0, Great Plains introduced Business Portal and Order Management module, which is in essence successor of eOrder. However you should understand the difference in technology - OM is Sharepoint based .Net ASPX application, while eOrder was legacy IIS ASP application

2.Order Management features. In general they are pretty close to what old eOrder was offering: catalogue with departments and items groups, Pricelists and customer price level pricing schemas, please review these features in GP Inventory Control and Receivable Management modules plus in Sales Order Processing. Only one items catalogue could be active in current time, however you can have unlimited number of "seasonable" catalogs

3.Credit Card Payments. As Order Management just sends Orders or Invoices to GP SOP, it doesn't process or validates credit card numbers in real time. You do it behind the scenes in GP through CC processing extensions. Please, let's allow here some speculations - Business Portal is mostly for Business to Business sales, not for walk in customers at this time. Business to Business we assume that in most cases you sell on account

4.Order Management Shopping Cart. It is reasonably intuitive. If your customers used to place orders and track order statuses in eOrder, they should recognize new interface and turn around to use OM without any extra help

5.If Order Management doesn't fit you. Then you should consider existing shopping carts available on the market, plus hosting options, if you don't host internally. If you sell to general auditorium and most of your customers are walk in public, plus if you have very custom e-commerce logic with user logins, custom catalogs, complicated discounting, promotions and pricing schemas, chances are high that your case requires custom shopping cart programming, especially in connecting to your back office ERP - Great Plains. Please check with use first.