Microsoft to pay a £345 million fine

by : Anja Glauch

court of first instance essentially upholds the commission's decision

finding that Microsoft abused its dominant position"- Court's


Over the past 9 years the European Commission has battled against

Microsoft to make the software market? a more competitive one. More

recently in 2004, Microsoft was ordered to share information with its

software rivals, so that their products could operate with other

computer systems. As well as making their Windows operation software

available without Windows Media Player, which was seen as being

anti-competitive since the user would not have a direct option as to

what entertainment software to use.

On Monday the court has ruled that Microsoft's behaviour has been

anti-competitive, and that their software should not be sold as part of

a package and that they should share information with rivals. Microsoft

is now? unlikely? to? appeal again, and will comply with the demands.

However they feel that handing information over to rivals would only

affect theirs and competitors creativity.

Neelie KoroesHealth Fitness Articles, the competition commissioner has stated that "Microsoft

cannot abuse its windows monopoly to exclude competitors in other

markets". She has also predicted Microsoft's 95% market share to