Settlement Funding Saves Financial Hardship

by : Lisa Colangelo

When carpenter Doug J. fell off a poorly constructed painting scaffold provided by his employer, his two broken legs wouldn’t allow him to work. Faced with a workers compensation claim, Doug had no idea how he would provide for his family while waiting for his settlement. Settlement funding provided him the answer.

Settlement funding is offered to those currently in litigation. People involved in auto accidents, slip and falls, workers comp, and wrongful death lawsuits can wait years for their settlement. Settlement funding allows the plaintiff to access money from the pending lawsuit BEFORE the suit even settles!

Settlement funding has saved thousands of people from financial ruin. Just because the insurance companies can fight to the bitter end doesn’t mean plaintiffs have the luxury of waiting for the settlement. With bills to pay, food to purchase and every day living expenses being compromised, a settlement funding can change lives.

Attorneys are becoming more and more aware of settlement funding and are offering this information to their clients. When an attorney has a financially satisfied plaintiff, it allows them to litigate longer and not accept the first offer the insurance company throws their way.

In addition, once a plaintiff receives settlement funding there’s an opportunity to receive ADDITIONAL funds based on changes in the case.

Settlement funding is a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

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