Visibility Erp | Manufacturing Journalist Thomas R. Cutler

by : Thomas Cutler

According to Thomas R. Cutler, leading manufacturing journalist, "Complex manufacturers are facing increasing business and global requirements as reflected in the diversity of customers, suppliers and partners, according to the Complex Manufacturing Research Survey. The survey also concluded that additional remote locations and the need for improved 24/7 responsiveness have changed the communication requirements for complex project-based manufacturers. Complex manufacturers are defined as "other than exclusively repetitive manufacturing processes" including engineer-to-order, made-to-order and assemble-to-order. "
In the recent article, "Complex Manufacturers Face More Challenges as Globalization Expands" in Cutler details other demands including compliance requirements, and internal and external collaboration are driving the need for data accessibility. According to Stephen Carson, executive vice-president of Visibility Corp., "Data accessibility must include a common set of numbers, historical views and improved analysis. Internal and external employees all require access to the same data. Flexibility in access and speed to communicate easily is critical with multiple locations. Multiple locations, time zones, currencies, and languages are the norm for many complex manufacturers, placing additional communication challenges on the organization."
Mobility is crucial to competitiveness among complex manufacturers and cost containment is critical for lean manufacturing. Responsiveness drives higher customer satisfaction and workflow improves organization efficiency; data accessibility drives decision making speed; and consolidation has become increasingly important for mergers and acquisition integration as well as financial compliance. Technology remains critical for the business infrastructure and its supportability; audit ability will continue to grow in importance.

Carson noted that these trends in globalization in the complex manufacturing world drove the .net technology of Visibility. According to Carson, "Technology is the basis on which an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system stands. Having a strong foundation upon which the ERP application is supported allows organizations to operate with confidence in their system infrastructure. It facilitates supportability and growth."

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