All American Seasonings With ERP Best Ingredients

by : Thomas Cutler

All American Seasonings of Denver, Colorado was founded by Andrew Rodriguez, head of a Cuban family which fled the homeland with Castro's rise to power in 1963. Mr. Rodriguez started his business very small in 1968, initially relying upon a narrow product line of spices his company developed for local restaurants. As enthusiasm for these products increased, so did the company's investments in employees, equipment and facilities. For the last decade, All American Seasonings has consistently topped the list of fast growing, minority-owned companies in the Denver area. The company, now headed by Andy Jr., produces over 9 million pounds of product per year and is growing in revenues at a projected rate of 10% per year.

Prosperity can, however, exact a toll. Old established ways of doing things, however comfortable, can be overwhelmed with the complexities of managing hundreds of products, thousands of ingredients and corresponding numbers of custom recipes, customers and suppliers. All American upgraded from manual to computer-based systems in the early '90s, including an accounting package interfaced with a manufacturing system on DOS platforms. As the business grew and staff was added and complexity skyrocketed, the company found that it was relying upon the ingenuity of its staff to overcome limitations of the systems in place. What was once straightforward and easy to understand had become compartmentalized, very specialized and "personal" for each of the many key contributors. It was clearly time for an upgrade in tools and procedures so that all departments could be using a common database which captured all pertinent operations data and supported instant decision making throughout the enterprise. After an exhaustive search and performance shootouts between candidate systems, All American selected BatchMaster Software Inc. as its business partner and has now begun implementation of BatchMaster Enterprise.

According to Gene Van Horne, Director of Operations for All American Seasonings, "The selection process included performance shootouts, hands-on evaluations on-site for key staff within each department. Other systems were considered including Process Pro and Sage Mas500, however All American found several features in BatchMaster that made it the best choice including ease of use, logical flow in day-to-day operations, ability to be "tailored" to their specific requirements and established procedures, support for Sample Request Management (many of the company's products are developed in an iterative process with short "trial runs" subject to customer review), Allergen Management, Nutritional Labeling, real-time inventory information, easy interface to external systems, including accounting, importation of FDA databases, BatchMaster's demonstrated success in the food sector and the company's vision for future releases."

About BatchMaster

BatchMaster Software, Inc. has provided advanced ERP solutions for over two decades with more than one thousand five hundred installations worldwide. BatchMaster's customers can be found in every formula or recipe-based business, including food, beverage, cosmetic, personal care, paint, coating, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemical industries. Flexible, easy to learn and use, and scalable to grow with a process manufacturing business, BatchMaster is the definitive solution for the challenges facing small to midsize process manufacturers. BatchMaster has more than a hundred technical staff numbers of highly-qualified software professionals.