CRM Decision Making Should be Same as ERP According to Commence

by : Thomas Cutler

Commence Corporation knows that the information technology investments of sales departments are often wasted due to failed implementations. This study focuses on the keys to successful industrial selling, all of which can be enhanced with proper application of technology. Based on extensive experience, Commence Corporation believes that the only path to success is to first develop consistent marketing and sales processes, then utilize these processes in a disciplined manner reinforced by dynamic training and carried forward through effective coaching. Leading industrial organizations are looking outside their four walls to their customers for growth ideas. By leveraging the voice of the customer, these organizations achieve a competitive advantage in redefining sales and marketing, the all-important customer-facing portion of their operations.

"Manufacturers fail to outline a comprehensive strategy before purchasing CRM technology. CRM is treaded as a commodity purchase and should be given the same consideration as ERP purchases which often take up to a year," according to Larry Caretsky, President of Commence Corporation.

Smart Practices That Pay: Leveraging Information to Achieve Industrial Selling Results, this first industry examination of CRM and focuses on the three key elements of a successful industrial sales effort: marketing strategy, sales management, and sales optimization through technology.

The Table of Contents includes the following:


Section One: Marketing Strategy

1.1 Focus on Defined Market Segments
1.2 Communicate Value Consistently
1.3 Organize Sales by Accounts

Section Two: Sales Management

2.1 Implement a Consistent Sales Process
2.2 Hire Salespeople to Stay in the Office
2.3 Assure Salespeople are Tightly Accountable
2.4 Coordinate Planning Efforts with Channel Partners

Section Three: Sales Optimization Through Technology

3.1 Take Small Steps to Drive User Adoption
3.2 CRM is a Tool, Not a Solution
3.3 Coach Your Coaches on the System Conclusion

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In an effort to help industrial distributors and manufacturers sell more, more effectively, Commence Corporation has developed this compendium of more than 40 smart practices in industrial selling, culled from interviews with leading executives within high-growth companies, and building on a comprehensive review of published perspectives on smart industrial selling.

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