HSMP Suspended

by : Charles Kelly

The Home Office has suspended the Highly Skilled Migrant Scheme (HSMP) for 27 days, pending the introduction of a revised scheme on 5th December 2006. No further current applications will be accepted after today, giving the Home Office time to clear the backlog of existing cases.

The news was announced, without prior notice, on the Home Office website this morning leaving applicants no time to submit applications under the present rules.

John Larkins, IND Managed Migration Business Architect, relayed the information to a stunned group of Immigration Advisers at the annual conference of the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) in London this morning.

Many advisers reacted angrily to the news accusing the Home Office of working against advisers by once again making important changes without warning.

Mr Larkins defended the Home Office saying that giving notice of impending changes only causes “closing down sales which flood the Home Office with applications".

When questioned about whether the new rules would be tougher and require a higher standard of qualification, Mr Larkins simply said they would be “different".

For more news on how this decision could affect your HSMP application contact your adviser or visit the Home Office website.

For regular immigration updates see: http://www.immigrationmatters.co.uk

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