Technology in Coal Mining Industry

by : Olivia Hunt

Technological success has changed the life of everyone in the world and it has also changed the way coal mining companies explore and market coal. High-tech and safe exploitation and usage of coal is the demand of the 21st century. In order to correspond to these new requirements the effective organizing management of human resources must take place. In other words, the technologies have made a coal mining industry a high-technological affair that is equipped with computers and all the necessary machinery Nowadays thousands of men and women in the world are working in 2,560 mines in 26 countries to supply billions tons of coal. Till the 1950th coal mining companies applied two methods of exploration - surface mining techniques or underground ones. Surface mining techniques are popular and are widely used in the USA mines since 1970s. This method is useful when coal deposits lie near the surface and can be easily extracted. Another method - an underground one - is used when coal deposits lie deep under the surface. In this situation continuous mining machines are used in the "room-and-pillar" method.

In the 1950s, a new underground mining method appeared in Europe. It is called a 'longwall mining' method that applies laser technology. Today, it is widely used by coal mining companies in the world. From this moment the coal exploration, extraction and delivery to the market have become secure, effective, clean and not harmful for the environment. Nowadays the use of computers, lasers, satellites and other technologies has become a usual thing in coal mining industry and many coal mining organizations, such as Globaltex Industries Inc, apply all these advances in their business. From now on the coal mining extraction has become absolutely safe for people thanks to high-tech technologies and effective human resources management work.

The high-tech mining technology is of great importance in enlarging the competitive forces of the coal mining industry. The state and private coal mining corporations make great efforts in order to put into action high-tech technologies, so that up-to-date equipment. The coal mining industry is becoming more and more mechanized.