Youngsters Fight Policy With Ultrasonic Technology

by : Daniel Millions

From the time that the mobile phone craze was ignited and caught fire across the world, teachers and employers have demanded that the younger crowd keep these devices out of sight. It has become such a problem in some cases that students and employees have been reprimanded and discouraged from using mobile phones.

But for safety and in emergencies, mobile phones can mean the difference between life and death. Although this is usually just an argument for most students to keep their mobile phones for texting others, it is still valid in dire circumstance.

Technology Bridges the Gap between Unfair Policies and Mobile Phones

Technology has produced an ultrasonic ringtone for mobile phones, in which are only audible by the younger crowds. As most teachers are more mature in age, they are almost always incapable of hearing ultrasonic sounds.

The technology works based on the fact that as adults mature, their hearing steadily declines. This condition is formally referred to as presbycusis. As time goes on, the ability to hear high pitched frequencies decreases. This means that a younger teenager or adult may hear a high frequency that other adults can't.

The technology is perfect for the classroom, where the environment is less noisy in places such as a workplace. If you work in a noisy environment, don't expect to be able to hear the high pitched frequency- as it takes a silent environment to hone in on the ultrasonic noise. Furthermore, it is recommended that teenagers keep the ultrasonic ringtone at a minimum volume level, as the high frequency may damage hearing in extreme cases.

The Importance of Ultrasonic Ringtone Technology

Students love the idea of getting away with texting other students during class time, but ultrasonic ringtones provide a very important role in one's safety. There have been numerous accounts where school violence and natural disasters have caused casualties some of which might have been prevented if students were allowed to carry and use mobile phones.

The technology has essentially replaced the commonly used vibrating functions on mobile phones. Vibrations, while fairly silent, are still audible if the mobile phone is placed against a hard surface. Other harder vibrating mobile phones can be heard even while attempting to muffle the sound- depending on the brand and make of mobile phone.

Ultrasonic ringtones also provide long mobile phone life, as vibration often helps speed up the process of degradation of a mobile phone. Tiny parts and components in the mobile phone are liable to become shook loose under long term vibration, while ultrasonic ringtones are free of this flaw. Even better, is that mobile phone batteries are less drained by producing sound than physical vibrations- so students will appreciate longer battery life between charges.

Final Thoughts on Ultrasonic Ringtone Technology

Ultrasonic ringtones are a temporary solution in most cases, since students will eventually mature and experience the effects of presbycusis. But since the majority of uses of the ultrasonic ringtone reside in classrooms, it gives little use for adults anyhow.

Ultrasonic ringtones can be downloaded from the Internet and from some third-party ringtone providers. You may experience with different frequencies but try to keep the frequency to the point where you yourself can barely hear it. This ensures that adult will have a far less likely chance of hearing the same frequency and thus sealing your right to secrecy and to carry a mobile phone during class time.