Visibility | Customization Project |Tss Technologies

by : Thomas Cutler

According to Stephen Carson, executive vice-president of Visibility Corporation, "Visibility Corporation will provide TSS Technologies with a consultant to review the multi-entity functionality within the Visibility ERP application. In addition a project plan will be developed which will identify the tasks and timing associated with moving to a multi-entity environment."

TSS Technologies is a national leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of components and assemblies. With a history rooted in the proud Midwestern machining tradition, TSS has evolved into an agile, skilled resource for nationally recognized companies in diverse industries.

Working with such industry giants as Procter & Gamble, General Electric, Siemens and Honeywell, TSS provides a full range of services with specialized experience in aerospace, automotive, medical systems, packaging and aviation power & marine.

Whether fabricating individual parts, meeting the rigorous standards of Defense contracts, designing and building innovative packaging solutions or implementing a reliable "just in time" inventory system, TSS is fully equipped to help clients succeed.

Visibility Corporation ( is a leading developer and supplier of business software solutions designed for the unique needs of project-based, engineer-to-order and to-order manufacturers. Visibility's Enterprise Application solutions help midsize manufacturers of complex products operate their businesses effectively. Visibility has an extensive customer base throughout North America and Europe and has the strongest representation of ERP among complex manufacturers. is an integrated ERP solution and more. Offering unparalleled functionality and integrated workflow, this browser-based solution cost effectively delivers the power of .NET-based Web services for use with either a Microsoft SQL Serverâ„? or Oracle® database. Conducting business any place, any time, any where is a reality, deployable with unprecedented flexibility.