Cordless Phones with up to 50 Mile Range now Available Online

by : Mark Kawabe

Jeff Jackson, president of Telephone Magic Inc. states: “Long range cordless phones have come a long way in the past few years, and we’re happy to provide the Voyager line of wireless phones. While the North American models feature a range of 1-6 miles, international models have a range of up to 50 miles, making them ideal solutions for areas that are not serviced by cellular phone coverage." Jackson continues “In addition to the long range, all Voyager phone systems are expandable to cover up to 9 lines and 90 handsets, making them a very attractive option for factory or greenhouse operations that need to keep in touch with their employees over a distance."

“There are also several station-to-station models that enable companies to install a ‘virtual’ phone line to a remote location, without having to dig any wires or make any infrastructure changes. The phone signal is simply transmitted wirelessly from one location to another. There are companies and individuals using these systems now connecting buildings together that are 8 miles apart or more. It is these functions that make the Voyager line of long range cordless phones very attractive to the end user. This is truly the next generation of long range cordless phone technology and Telephone Magic is happy to once again be at the leading edge of telecom in this area."

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