The Tenants Tenets: Residential Lease Agreements

by : Gloria Smith

In this world, everybody must abide by certain rules and regulations. These could be official rules which are penned by persons of authority and are expected to be followed by one and all; or these could be unofficial rules which are dictated upon people by other people or by society. Of these two, official rules are those which are considered as more formal and shall apply to everyone – from small (offices, classes, organizations) to large (townships, cities, countries) groups of people.

As with everything in this world, real estate transactions are also governed by rules and this extends through the entire gamut of individuals who are, in one way or another, involved in the process. There are federal and state property laws which real estate agents and lawyers must be aware of. Within the real estate office, there are specific rules that need to be followed as well. The professional relationship of a broker and a client are also governed by rules. However, in real estate, no one is more exposed to a list of dos and don’ts than a tenant of leased property.

Tenants of rented units are bound by a contract called a lease agreement. All the details pertaining to the lease are itemized in this document, and these include the names and addresses of the parties involved; the rented property, duration of lease, agreed upon rental fee, payment terms, and so on and so forth. Apart from these, lease agreements also include specific tenets or rules which, upon signing of the document, the tenant promises to abide by. And like anything that come in pairs these conditions come with concomitant penalties and corrective actions. Lease agreements are very important documents and the preparation of such should not be taken lightly.

Lease agreements are usually prepared by real estate agents and/or lawyers and this forms part of the whole service package offered to consumers. These days, however, you no longer need to consult with professionals for this. Many of these real estate related websites can give you tips on how to prepare a legally binding lease agreement. There are sites where a sample is presented to you on the screen, and there are also websites where you are able to purchase and download these contracts. The forms, such as the residential lease agreement, though found on real estate websites were created by professional real estate agents, thus you can be assured that the format and contents are valid. These can be opened using any word processing program and you can easily modify the contents to plug in the rules and conditions for you expect your tenants to follow.

If you want to secure a copy from the internet, all you need to do is pay for the contract by using your credit card, paypal or the issuance of electronic cheques, and once the payment approved, you can immediately download the residential lease agreement and alter the contents as you see fit. So pen those tenets now and include these in the lease agreement so your tenant will live by your rules.