Pancake House Based in the Philippines Chooses Batchmaster ERP

by : Thomas Cutler

Pancake House, headquartered in the Philippines, recently selected BatchMaster ERP (enterprise resource planning software. "The former system could no longer handle the existing flow and volume of information; data processing and transmission caused delays and problems rather than expediting the basic necessities of the company," according to Finance Director, Ms. Zeny Mercado.

The former ERP system was limited in terms of addressing the growing needs of the company and its operation. Data processing had been so slow impacting the decision making process. Likewise, transmission of information between departments and shops was protracted affecting the efficiency of the corporate system. Ms. Mercado noted that, "Generation of data has become difficult prompting the company to recourse to other tedious methods, which made the use of the former system either futile or non-serving to its intended purposes."

Pancake House chose BatchMaster since it has the necessary components essential for a food service company. The software is customized to fit the operations of a food service company from manufacturing to distribution. Furthermore, the software being Microsoft Windows based is convenient to use and could be easily understood by those who do not have an information technology background.

Impacts of BatchMaster ERP:

&bullExpedient transmission of information within the corporate system.
&bullCapable of handling and managing the information flowing in the present corporate system as well as to their expected increase in subsequent years.
&bullImproved accessibility to data and information.
&bullAdaptability to possible changes in the manufacturing and distribution systems.

Another major consideration for Pancake House's selection of BatchMaster ERP is its Chinese language capability and support. The company is looking at establishing presence in China and will standardize on BatchMaster with the successful pilot implementation in the Philippines.

InfoSoft, the BatchMaster strategic alliance partner that worked with Pancake House, was viewed to provide additional benefits including:

&bullOn call post sales service.
&bullTechnical support in a language understandable to the company's users.
&bullTransfer of technology should be done until the software is fully understood by the company's users and effectively used as intended.
&bullKeep the company posted with the changes or upgrades in the software.
&bullExpertise on the use of the software.

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