Get your Motor Runnin

by : Leaftech

Some of us just have a need for speed. Exhilarating, breathtaking, mind boggling fun.

The black leather gloves grip the steering wheel as you slowly slip sunglasses over your eyes. The engine revs in a throaty hum, the CD player blasting Steppenwolf. You slip the transmission into first gear and get that silly grin on your face. And you're gone.

It's Sunday morning, the dawn is breaking and you are one with your car and the highway. The feeling of freedom and the thrill of power engulf you as you change gears. The superior response from the throttle when your car is in top performance is exhilarating and gives you a rush of self-satisfaction. The hours of work fine-tuning and exploring options to get maximum performance and efficiency out of your car are now paying off. This is your passion: your car, speed and the peak performance of your turbocharged engine.

Whether you are a car buff, a weekend racer or simply one who loves the power and the speed, enjoying the performance of a well running car is every car enthusiast's dream. The hum of an engine in peak performance is music to your ears. Achieving the balance of speed, energy efficiency, performance and reliability is the final goal of the serious car zealot.

Having excellent performance from your car engine will make it feel like you are driving a brand new car. To keep that "new car" feeling, take some time to follow some simple guidelines to maximize the life of your turbocharger.

Your car's engine oil is responsible for lubricating and cooling your turbocharger. The rule of thumb is to "warm up" and "cool down" just like exercising the human body.

To allow your car to fully warm up, drive your car at a moderate speed for the first five minutes. This will allow time for the oil to adequately lubricate the engine before you push the car to full throttle. After enjoying the thrill of a run with your car, plan the last few miles of your outing so that full throttle is not being used. After a hard run keep the engine on and idling for at least one minute before turning the car off, allowing the heat build up to decrease. Never rev the engine as the ignition is turned off. Remember the engine is lubricated with oil and once the engine is turned off the oil circulation ceases. Frequent and regular attention to details such as oil and filter changes will extend the life of your baby.

Warm ups & cool downs and regular oil changes keep your car's engine lubricated, clean and running fast. So you can head out on the highway, looking for adventure...