Datacraft Solutions | Software Development Funding

by : Thomas Cutler

According to John Burke, of True Ventures: "True Ventures is very excited to be a partner to Datacraft Solutions. We consider many factors when approaching a potential investment: management, market, and technology, just to name a few of the obvious ones. In all dimensions, Datacraft Solutions is just what we look for, a world class management team, and a rapidly growing nimble company in a very large market with rock solid technology and very happy customers. We have known Stephen Parker for several years...he is the sort of entrepreneur and leader that we love to invest in, he's a capital efficient, sales oriented, pit bull tough entrepreneur. We look forward to working with Stephen and the rest of the team for years to come. With the Datacraft Solutions' trajectory and the management team in place, we are confident that together we will build tremendous shareholder value for all involved."

Datacraft Solutions, ( the innovator in the development of Demand Driven Supply Chain Networks and digital Kanban solutions for lean manufacturing operations, announced the initial closing of its Series A - Preferred venture capital financing. True Ventures, with offices in California and northern Virginia, were the lead investors in this round of financing.

According to Stephen Parker, CEO of Datacraft Solutions, "Given the rate in which our customers find a return on investment, typically 2-4 months, we are confident that True Ventures made a wise decision in working with us and are proud to work with them in recognizing the market opportunities in the replenishment supply chain arena."

About Datacraft Solutions, Inc.
Datacraft Solutions provides a system that enables forward-thinking manufacturers to increase the benefits of replenishment management systems and further reduce non-value-add activities on the plant floor and throughout the supply chain.
Datacraft Solutions' Demand Driven Supply Chain Network and digital Kanban solutions allows entire supply chains to realize an immediate and dramatic return on investment, by vastly reducing the management time and information gathering required to monitor, update and transmit card-based replenishment needs; while reducing inventory levels and increasing inventory turnover.
Datacraft Solutions has experienced significant growth in the past twelve months by eliminating complicated, expensive, time-intensive software implementations as well as extensive training and the need for internal support. The Datacraft Solutions' replenishment supply chain digital Kanban lean system is scalable and allows customers access and fully utilize powerful lean benefits immediately for a low, predictable monthly fee.