Datacraft & US Navy | Pilot Supply Chain Effectiveness Program

by : Thomas Cutler

"The U.S. Navy contract represents a new market for Datacraft Solutions," said Stephen Parker, CEO of Datacraft Solutions, Inc. Parker continued, "The company looks forward to an expanding opportunity for its supply chain management solutions to other branches of the US military and demonstrating that supply chain management is a critical element to the deployment equipment and supplies. This application of Datacraft's leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) Signum and Curator feature products demonstrates that our solutions can be successfully deployed in an anywhere/anytime supply chain visibility requirement."

The Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Norfolk, Supply Management Department Midwest, Crane, Indiana (SMDMW) announced that it was seeking to improve inventory management and overall supply chain efficiency for customers within the Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center. "We are looking forward to working with Datacraft Solutions to improve inventory management and overall supply chain efficiency for customers within the Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center." stated Captain Fulton, NAVSUP, FISCN Supply Chain Management Department Midwest.

The manufacturing industry is currently experiencing tremendous return-on-investment after applying Lean and Six Sigma solutions, including tools such as Electronic kanban (e-kanban) which is an automated "pull" system for filling material requirements while reducing overall inventory.

To accomplish the goal of improving supply chain effectiveness and implementing a demand driven supply chain network solution and lean tools system, SMDMW awarded Datacraft Solutions ( a contract to optimize their current supply chain processes within the Microwave Systems Department

Other SMDMW requirements mandated that the system selected be completely free of any type of software load, except those approved by the Navy and Marine Corps Information System (NMCI). This requirement meant that the information system service must be Web integrated as well as having a proven and demonstrable performance record among industrial users of providing positive ROI, excess inventory reduction, simplified replenishment processes, increased inventory turns, and real time visibility of suppliers and manufacturing partners.

Datacraft Solutions' CFO Tim Briggs noted, "Datacraft Solutions delivers a revolutionary digital kanban process of automation solutions to lean manufacturers through a secure Internet gateway, eliminating the need to install and maintain a complex IT infrastructure. The company has experienced significant growth in the past twelve months by eliminating complicated, expensive, time-intensive software implementations as well as extensive training regiments and the need for internal support. The Datacraft Solutions' replenishment supply chain digital kanban lean system allows customers access and fully utilize powerful lean benefits immediately for a low, predictable monthly fee. Services are scalable so manufacturers can design an appropriate digital kanban solution."