Best Projectors

by : Dhiraj Bandurkar

Best Projectors

What is behind a successful presentation or an exciting theatre like experience of watching a movie in your drawing room? It's a projector that is responsible for making this experience more realistic. Generally speaking, a projector is a electronic device that are used for displaying an image, movie or multimedia presentation on a projection screen or similar surface for the view of an audience. A movie seen in total darkness with the aid of a projector appears, as they are experienced in the theatre. That is why the projection television takes home cinema to the ultimate limits unlike the viewing experience restricted by the physical constraints imposed by a TV tube. That is why with a front projector system installed in your drawing room an entire wall of your lounge becomes your TV screen.

The projectors are quite popular electronic devices and have various uses. There are many companies that manufacture some of the best selling models. They provide the projectors for different application needs. Some of the most common types of projectors are

Video projectors can be classified further according to the technology that is used with them. The most common video projectors are LCD projector, CRT projector, DLP projector, LCOS projector.

Transparency projectors are classified as Movie projector, Slide projector, Overhead projector, Magic Lantern, Enlarger.

Other types of projectors include Movie projector, handheld projector, Opaque projector, etc.

With the increasing use of projectors and the improving technology, projectors are getting better and better with each day. The projectors today exhibit many features that are beneficial to the users as well as for the audience. Some of the important projector features are listed below:

Most of the projectors you will find today are portable and easy to carry along with you. They come at the size of a laptop and with minimum cables that allows the user the ease to pack them in a small carrying case and to carry in flights or even in the backseat of your car.

Projector brightness is also an important while choosing a projector and is measured in ANSI lumens. The ultra-portable projectors come with as low as 350 lumens that are best for lights-off presentations, and go all the way up to 2500 lumens. A projector with at least 800 lumens can be efficiently used in a room with some ambient lighting that cannot be avoided.

Mage quality in a projector can be simply adjusted according to the laptop or PC's resolution, contrary to the common opinion that while buying projector think first about resolution and the image quality.

With all the high-end features, it is not at all difficult to find a projector that fits well with your budget. Compare projectors on specs and pricing before you buy one. Also be sure to include all of the aspects of the process that results in the best value.