Call of Duty 4 Beta Demo Impressions

by : sayed islam

The multiplayer Call of Duty 4 beta was released on Xbox 360 online recently, and the game was intense. Gamers can play twelve players simultaneously (six per team). Some say that more than twelve people can play the multiplayer, but I have never seen more than twelve. From what I have seen so far, the Call of Duty 4 seems to be better than previous iterations. A wide variety of weapons are available, including the usual semi-automatics and automatics. Players are significantly ecstatic about the assault rifle due to its accuracy. You can customize weapons anyway that you like. If you want a pistol with a suppressor to silence the shots, you can do that. If you want an assault rifle with a laser (ala the Socum from Metal Gear Solid) that makes targeting as simple as tying your shoelaces, you can do that. All the weapon customization may appear intricate; however, it is definitely user friendly. The classes and perks gameplay mechanic is another engrossing video game element. You begin with classes and a set number of perks for that particular class. When you earn experience, you will enhance your weapons in your arsenal. In the beta demo, there are five perks that are present. These perks entail steady aim, last man standing, bullet penetration, juggernaut, and stopping power. Steady aim is fairly self explanatory because it bolsters your aiming attribute. Last man standing gives the player a last desperate attempt to kill his or her opponent. Bullet penetration gives the user the ability to have bullets penetrate walls (ala Resistance: Fall of Man). The juggernaut perk gives you a health increase. Stopping power essentially increases your damage output. Call of Duty 4 is evenly balanced, so you cannot have all of these perks equipped at once. The game does avoid the cheap shot kill by not re-spawning dead players right in front of their adversaries. If gamers were to re-spawn near their enemies, it would be unfair because you would be ripe for the picking. The different maps in Call of Duty 4 provide gamers with new strategies. You might be able to run and gun in one map, but that tactic might fail miserably in another map. The multiplayer beta demo was only a small portion of the game, but Call of Duty 4 is will be much more than that. Call of Duty is slated for a November 5, 2007 release date.